Westcut Concrete Industries | concrete cutting Sydney
  Westcut Concrete Industries | concrete cutting Sydney

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Westcut Concrete Industries cutting edge equipment includes:

  • 65 HP Petrol Road Saw
  • 38 HP Petrol Road Saw
  • 60 HP Turbo Diesel Road Saw
  • 48 HP Diesel Road Saw
  • Hand Held Partner K1250 Saw
  • Hand Held Partner K950 Saw
  • K3600 Ring Saws Concrete Grinders
  • Brick & Block Cutting Machine
  • Werkmaster Concrete Polishing Machine
  • Fox Slurry Machine
  • Slurry Removal Trailer Systems
  • Partner K3600 Hydraulic Ring Saw & Associated Power Packs
  • Electric Dry Wall Chaser
  • Concrete Wall Crusher
  • Hydraulic Wall Saw
  • Hydraulic Drilling Machines
  • Hydraulic Diamond Tipped Chain Saw
  • Diamond Core Drill Rigs
  • Heavy Duty Hand Held Core Drill Rigs
  • 2000 litre Trailer Mounted Water Cart
  • Jumbo Industrial Wet Vacs
  • High Pressure Water Pump
  • 130 CFM Compressor
  • and many other assorted diamond products.

Westcut have access to a fully equipped metal workshop area to manufacture specialised equipment & for one off jobs etc. Westcut also have a mobile brick and block cutting service available throughout the Sydney metro area.

Call Westcut Concrete Industries for a free consultation or quote on 0417 025 053

Westcut Concrete Industries | concrete cutting Sydney