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  Concrete core drilling Sydney

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Concrete Core Drilling Sydney


Core Drilling is our Core Strength

No one, but no one, offers a better core drilling service than Westcut Concrete Industries. We pride ourselves on our ability to precisely place perfectly round holes in all manner of materials including stone, brick and of course concrete.

With core drilling sizes ranging from 20mm to 900mm diameter, we can help plumbers run pipes and ducting, electricians install air-conditioning, and those in the construction industry secure large anchor bolts to install heavy machinery in factories, or to prepare the foundations for multi storey buildings, railways and road bridges. Through our use of the highest-quality equipment and materials, our skilled team can complete accurate concrete core drilling and coring Sydney residents throughout the metro area can benefit from.

Concrete Removal Sydney

Thanks to our thorough and extensive experience the team at Westcut Concrete can assist in both construction and demolition services. Able to help break down larger slabs of concrete our professionals can complete faultless concrete removal throughout Sydney. To ensure that all of your concrete modification and removal needs are met call Westcut Concrete Industries for a free consultation or quote on 0417 025 053.

Call Westcut Concrete Industries for a free consultation or quote on 0417 025 053