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Road Sawing Sydney

Are you needing to cut through thick and resilient road asphalt or concrete with speed and accuracy? Get your road improvement project completed without wasting any time or money thanks to the prompt and methodical solutions and services on offer from the experts at Westcut Concrete.

When budgets are tight and timelines are critical, quality is paramount. In such cases, Westcut Road Sawing Sydney is the simple solution. Just ask the RTA and a host of Municipal Councils. We have an ongoing association with the RTA to provide road sawing services in preparation for the installation of cables for speed cameras.

By using the best equipment and materials, Westcut Concrete can smoothly and effortlessly cut through the thickest and hardest road surfaces, delivering a responsive and modern road sawing service Sydney councils, builders, and homeowners can benefit from.

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Road Sawing Service

Similarly, we have assisted many local councils with their road sawing needs. These have included the removal of driveways, paths, kerbs & gutters. Our state of the art road sawing equipment includes nine massive 65hp self-driven saws (one electric, six petrol, two diesel).

These road saws are ideal for slicing through asphalt and demolishing the thickest, reinforced slabs. You’re sure to be impressed.

So, if you are after a reliable and affordable road sawing service in Sydney look no further than the team at Westcut Concrete. Find out more about out our personalised and detailed road sawing Sydney residents and businesses from all walks of life can call us on 0417 025 053.

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