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Wall Sawing Sydney 

Wall sawing is yet another specialised job that Westcut excel at. The track mounted hydraulic wall saw is perfect for cutting all types of brick, block and concrete walls with the minimum amount of time, money and fuss and the maximum efficiency and safety. Westcut wall sawing can be done vertically, horizontal or inverted, as well as flush cutting. It can cut to a depth of 650mm.

The wall saw is operated by remote control and makes for a very safe working environment, which is Westcut's number one priority. Committed to delivering the best wall sawing solutions to Sydney residents, Westcut Concrete stands out as your best choice for comprehensive and personalised services.

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Concrete Sawing Sydney

Using our hydraulic powered diamond tipped chain saw, we can cut with ease and precision. It is perfect for when the road saw just can't get on the job. The overall versatility and efficiency of the chain saw cannot be beaten. Highly-resilient and able to cut through concrete at differing levels of thickness, our exceptional and accurate concrete sawing helps Sydney builders and property owners safely complete their projects on time and according to schedule.

At Westcut Concrete we are united in our commitment to our customers. Whether you are after concrete cutting or wall sawing Sydney residents are encouraged to call Westcut Concrete Industries for a free consultation or quote on 0417 025 053.

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